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The Sewanee Poems

In collaboration with the renown poet, Richard Tillinghast, his friend and undergraduate contemporary, Joe has created sixteen planographic prints from his drawings using continuous tone offset lithography at the Curwen Studio in Cambridgeshire to illustrate the fine book of Sewanee Poems. Each 7 ½ x 4 ½ inch image, printed on the same museum quality Somerset Paper as the hand set and printed texts by the Evergreen Press in Gloucestershire, is tipped onto blank 10 x 7 inch pages of the books opposite corresponding references in the poems, and sewn under hard cover, with box case, by the Fine Bindery in Northamptonshire.

The fine book celebrates the 150 year history of the University of the South by commemorating in one long poem the early years after the Civil War and in another the college in the 1960s, with two shorter eulogies for each of a favourite teacher and of a dear friend. Generous sponsors funded the whole cost of production in order that the signed limited edition of 1000 volumes can be sold with entire proceeds going to support career internships for current students.

For more information and to purchase books contact the artist by e-mail:

Sewanee Gothic Linoleum Cut Relief Print

The single Linoleum Cut made to measure 4 x 4 ½ inches by the artist for the book is printed in relief with the type face on page X of each volume and a 1 ¾ x 2 inch reproduction of that image is stamped on the box covers that come with each book.

Cutting the design on the linoleum block

Taking a proof on the Columbian press

Drawing the lithographic compositions

Trimming the drawings for the composite

Arranging images on the printing matrix

Chemically fixing the matrix

Masking out the margins

Rolling up the matrix with ink

Removing unwanted marks

The matrix with the first proof

A view of the finished books

The two styles of covers and cases